bulldozer cutting a fireline

Development of our proposed Wildland Fire Resiliency Program is currently underway with a public input and environmental review process. The goals of this new program are to:

  • Establish healthy, resilient fire-adapted ecosystems and protect natural resources
  • Reduce wildland fire risk
  • Facilitate fire suppression and emergency access 

Draft Wildland Fire Resiliency Program Documents 

An Environmental Impact Report is being prepared for Midpen's proposed Wildland Fire Resiliency Program. The draft program documents below were created with extensive public and partner agency feedback, and were most recently updated based on feedback received at our April 2020 public meeting. Deletions are shown in strikeout and additions are shown in underline.

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The proposed Wildland Fire Resiliency Program has four main elements: 

Vegetation Management Plan

Expanding environmentally sensitive vegetation management into new areas of our preserves beginning in 2020 for ecological health and public safety. 

Prescribed Fire Plan

Reintroducing prescribed fire to Midpen’s land management toolbox in 2022, in partnership with Cal Fire.

Preserve Maps to Assist Fire Agencies (Pre-plan and resource advisor maps)

Updating and expanding preserve maps that provide critical information to fire agencies responding to wildland fire events, including water sources, roads and gates and sensitive natural and cultural resources. 

Monitoring Plan

Collecting scientific data and monitoring to ensure the program is adaptable and meeting our goals.

Read the proposed details for each of these four elements in Midpen's draft Wildland Fire Resiliency Program.

Program Development Timeline


Research and public outreach workshops.

April 8,  2020

Public Meeting: Study session for Midpen board and public to provide feedback on program scope. No board action. 

April 27 - June 18, 2020 Program scoping and public comment period.
May 13, 2020 Public Meeting: Midpen board approved program scope allowing required environmental impact report to proceed. 


Public Hearing: Review draft program environmental impact report. 

Winter 2020-21 Release of final program Environmental Impact Report.

Spring 2021 (tentative)

Public meeting: Midpen board to consider certifying environmental impact report and adopting program, allowing work to begin.


Tentative public input and environmental impact report process for prescribed fire.