Bear Creek Redwoods

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Location and Background

The 1,432-acre Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve is located three miles south of Los Gatos. The Preserve features shaded fir and redwood forests, cool perennial creeks and spectacular views of the Sierra Azul Range.

Construction Notice

Construction for Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve will commence in early May 2018. Please expect increased vehicular and large truck traffic primarily on Bear Creek Road, beginning immediately and continuing through spring of 2019.

Please read the Construction FAQ's for more information.

Current Progress

Work to open Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve to the public is underway! An initial phase of public access improvements to the western area of the Preserve will be open daily, beginning June 8, 2019. New public facilities will include:

  • Preserve entrance including a 52-space parking lot, trailhead and restroom
  • 0.2-mile accessible path around Upper Lake
  • Approximately six miles of new trail for hiking and equestrian use
  • Pedestrian trail crossing at Bear Creek Road, linking the new parking lot and new trails

A $200,000 grant from the Santa Clara Valley Water District is allowing Midpen to remove invasive plants from 55 acres of forest understory, creek corridors and pond edges in Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, creating a healthier watershed for people and wildlife. Find out more.

Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan

In 2017, the District completed the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan, a long-term use and management plan for the preserve. Stewardship actions, including habitat restoration, erosion reduction to protect the watershed and cultural resources protection are given the highest priority. The Preserve Plan also includes three new parking areas, new and reconstructed hiking and equestrian trails and a multi-use trail connecting Lexington Basin to the Skyline-Summit Area, to be implemented in three phases.  

Preserve Plan Key Actions
Phase I - In Progress

  • Implement high priority resource management projects, including invasive species removal, drainage improvements to reduce erosion, and pond stabilization;
  • Construct the Alma Parking Area; formalize an at-grade pedestrian crossing of Bear Creek Road; 
  • Open the western Preserve to to hiking and equestrian access;
  • Begin high priority improvements to Bear Creek Stables to expand public use, project natural resources, and upgrade boarding facilities;
  • Begin rehabilitation of the Alma College Cultural Landscape or upgrade perimeter fencing as needed to restrict access.  

Phase II 

  • Open eastern zone to general hiking and equestrian access; 
  • Construct the northern segment of the new multi-use through trail, formalize connections to Lexington County Park and the Skyline-Summit area; and open to hiking, equestrian, and bicycle use; 
  • Continue improvements to Bear Creek Stables;
  • Continue rehabilitation of the Alma College Cultural Landscape. 

Phase III 

  • Construct approximately three (3) miles of new trail to complete a connection to Summit Road in the eastern Preserve zone;
  • Construct north Parking area, if necessary.

Planned Public Access