October 22, 2019 - 1:30pm

Meeting location: Historic Train Depot, 110 Higgins Canyon Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

At the start of the committee meeting, General Manager Ana Ruiz recommended the Committee take no action on the draft grazing policy amendments at the meeting to allow for more time for public input and to refine and adjust the general manager's recommendations, as necessary. The committee heard from the public and directed staff to seek additional public input and work with stakeholders, including members of the conservation and agricultural communities, to further refine and develop any grazing policy updates.





The Committee Chair will invite public comment on items not the agenda.  Each speaker will ordinarily be limited to three minutes; however, the Brown Act (Open Meeting Law) does not allow action by the Committee on any item not on the agenda. If you wish to address the Committee, please complete a speaker card and give it to the District Clerk. Individuals are limited to one appearance during this section.

Approve September 24, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes

Addendum to the Mindego Hill Ranch Grazing Management Plan to Expand Conservation Grazing into the South Pasture (R-19-140)

Staff Contact: Lewis Reed, Rangeland Ecologist/Botanist, Natural Resource Department
General Manager’s Recommendation: Forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors to adopt an addendum to the Mindego Hill Ranch Grazing Management Plan as an amendment to the Russian Ridge Use and Management Plan that adds the south pasture as part of the conservation grazing area on the property. 

Amendments to the Grazing Management Policy (R-19-139)

Staff Contact: Matt Sharp Chaney, Resource Management Specialist I, Natural Resources
General Manager’s Recommendations: 
1. Review and discuss the proposed amendments to the Grazing Management Policy, including public and stakeholder feedback.
2. Forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval consideration of the proposed Grazing Management Policy amendments with any additional changes requested by the Committee.


Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at the District Administrative Office - 330 Distel Circle, Los Altos, CA 94022.

Regular Meeting agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting. Special Meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

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Minutes usually are not available until two to four weeks after a Board meeting. Please note that formal meeting minutes are not taken at Committee meetings or some Special Meetings of the Board (that is, study sessions or public workshops).