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The District’s primary revenue source is a share of the annual total property tax collected within the District. Other revenue sources may include federal and state grants, interest and rental income, donations, land gifts, and note issues. Revenue for the year ended June 30, 2018 totaled $53.2 million.

Major Accomplishments

The following accomplishments highlight Midpen’s focused efforts on a balanced mission — land acquisition and preservation; natural resources protection and restoration; public access, education and outreach; and for the Coastside, supporting local agriculture.

These extensive and varied accomplishments include major projects to open new preserve areas to the public, including Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve. They also show extensive progress on resource restoration priorities; education and outreach to diverse visitors; collaborative partnerships with other organizations; and the ongoing operational requirements of maintaining nearly 65,000 acres of protected public open space.

On the San Mateo County Coast, accomplishments also include improving agricultural infrastructure to continue conservation grazing in the coastal uplands while preserving the coast’s rural character. In addition to completing projects on the land, Midpen has also placed significant effort in strengthening the administrative and organizational systems that are necessary to support our mission, now and into the future.

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Accomplishments Report

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Year-End Review Slideshow

Budget and Action Plan

The work plan and corresponding funding plan for the coming year that embodies the mission of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District to acquire and preserve a regional greenbelt of open space, protect and restore the natural environment, and provide opportunities for low-impact public enjoyment and education.

Budget & Action Plan 2019-2020

Strategic Plan

For the next 15 to 20 years and beyond the District imagines a future that equally balances the three components of our mission: preserving open space, protecting and restoring the natural environment, and providing public access and education. The adopted strategic plan will guide decisions to achieve the most beneficial impact with the available resources.

Financial and Operational Sustainability Model

To support Midpen’s commitment to implement Measure AA projects efficiently and effectively while maintaining on-going operations and programs, the agency chose to evaluate its structure, capacity and financial sustainability. The resulting Financial and Operational Sustainability Model (FOSM) Report is a proactive effort to address the changing demands of the organization.  Midpen has already begun implementation of numerous strategic recommendations in the FOSM.

Annual Financial Reports

Measure AA Bond Accountability Report

The Measure AA Bond Oversight Committee consists of seven at-large members who reside within the District. The committee is appointed by Midpen’s board of directors to ensure accountability, transparency and public oversight of all funds collected and allocated under the measure. Learn more about the Measure AA Bond Oversight Committee.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The CAFR is prepared by the Finance Department in compliance with the principles and standards for financial reporting promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. The CAFR consists of management’s representations concerning Midpen's finances.

Popular Annual Financial Report

The PAFR, prepared by the Finance Department, consists of a readily accessible and easily understandable Midpen financial report designed for the general public.

Annual Report

Please refer to Major Accomplishments for the latest information.