Saturday, January 26 9:30am to 2:00pm
Approximate Total Miles: 
  • Easy Hike
  • Suitable for children*

What is a scrape and why is it sometimes next to a pile of scat, and sometimes not? Who lives in that hole? A spider? A gopher? A coyote? Who left that track, and who that trail of slime? You’ll “bio-blitz” a stretch of trail and come up with a total critter count including every and all signs of wildlife, from mountain lions to mollusks with docent Frances Reneau, Helena Cohen, and Lindsay Joye. You’ll explore grassland, mixed evergreen forest, and wetland/riparian areas. Capable, attentive children 8 years and older are welcome.

Where to Meet: 

Meet at the pull out area opposite Russian Ridge Preserve gate RR01, located on Skyline Boulevard 1.2 miles north of Page Mill Road and 6 miles south of Highway 84. Those traveling from I-280 on Page Mill Rd. should allow approximately 40 minutes travel time.

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