Trail Conditions + Closures


To report any incident of theft or suspicious activity, please call the 24-hour Ranger Dispatch at (650) 968-4411.

The following is a list of trail conditions for specific preserves.
Last updated 5/7/2015.

El Corte de Madera Creek

    The new staging area is OPEN!

    The section of the Sierra Morena Trail between the new lot and gate CM04 is CLOSED permanently. Please visit the Preserve page for more information. Thank you for your patience during the time required to get the staging area open.

    The Methuselah Trail, from the Giant Salamander Trail to the South Leaf Trail, is CLOSED to equestrians due to trail damage.

    The South Leaf and North Leaf Trails are OPEN to bicyclists and equestrians.

    The Methuselah Trail where it crosses El Corte de Madera Creek will have equipment working in the area to install a new bridge but the trail should be open during the work.

    The Steam Donkey Trail near Skyline Boulevard is undergoing some major renovations involving new water bars, but will remain open.

Fremont Older

    The Toyon Trail is currently OPEN to bicycle and equestrian use.

Long Ridge

    The Achistaca Trail is OPEN to horses.

    The Peters Creek Trail and Long Ridge Trail are OPEN to bicyclists and equestrians.

Monte Bello

    The White Oak Trail, Stevens Creek Nature Trail, and Skid Road Trail are OPEN to bicycle and equestrian use.

Pulgas Ridge

    The cutover trail from the Preserve parking lot to the Cordilleras Trail is now OPEN.

Purisima Creek Redwoods

    The Whittemore Gulch Trail is OPEN to bicyclists and equestrians.

Rancho San Antonio

    The Hammond-Snyder Trail is currently OPEN to equestrian use.

    The Quarry Trail which goes from the top of the PGE Trail to the Black Mountain Trail is OPEN to equestrian use.


    The Ravenswood Preserve parking lot is now open.

Russian Ridge

    * The new section of Ancient Oaks Trail from the Mindego Gateway parking lot to the existing Ancient Oaks Trail is now OPEN.

    * The segment of the Mindego Hill Trail to the top of Mindego Hill is partially completed but will not be open until grazing is reintroduced in 2015. There is currently no public access past gate RR12.

    * To protect a federally listed endangered species (the San Francisco garter snake), the final mile of the Mindego Hill Trail prior to the current end of the trail at gate RR12 is CLOSED to bicycle use.

Sierra Azul

    Closures in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve:
    Please note that the Mount Umunhum and Mount Thayer areas are CLOSED areas. Anyone found in these areas will be cited.

    Areas that are adjacent to Mount Umunhum and Mount Thayer have been declared Temporary Closed Areas. Trespassers will be cited.

    Please refer to the posted map for details.Other closed areas within Sierra Azul Preserve are shown on the Preserve map.

Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area

    The adjacent section of the Bay Trail is Open.


    The access from Old La Honda Road at Dennis Martin Creek is OPEN to hikers and equestrians.

Windy Hill

    The Betsy Crowder Trail is OPEN to equestrians.

    Lost Trail, Hamms Gulch Trail, and Razorback Ridge Trail are OPEN to equestrians.

Other agencies with trails connecting to District land

San Jose Water Company -- Los Gatos Creek Trail

Santa Clara County Parks

    Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department -- Please contact Santa Clara County Parks for County Parks trail information.

Before you visit, please review the Seasonal Trail Closures to learn more about trails that are closed seasonally to ensure visitor safety and protect the trails from damage.

Last updated on: 5/7/2015

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