Measure AA Project Prioritization

On Wednesday, October 29 at 5:00 p.m., the Midpen Board of Directors will discuss and approve the list of Measure AA projects prioritized using the criteria adopted by the Board on September 10th.

This meeting will be held at the District Administrative Office - 330 Distel Circle, Los Altos - please note that the meeting location may be changed, check back prior to the meeting. Please RSVP if you plan on attending the meeting.

On Saturday, September 13, Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve will
re-open to the public

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has completed forensics testing of the mountain lion killed by wildlife officials in Cupertino on Wednesday, Sept. 10. Test results from the department’s Wildlife Forensics Lab confirmed this was the same lion that attacked a six-year-old boy on Sunday, Sept. 7. The animal also tested negative for rabies through the UC Davis California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife Statement (9/12/14)

(9/12/14 - 7:30 p.m.)

CDFW Officials Dispatch Mountain Lion Involved in Attack

On September 10, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) dispatched the juvenile male mountain lion that authorities believe attacked a  6-year-old boy on Sunday, September 7.

The attack took place on the Zinfandel Trail, approximately one mile from the trailhead in the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve. Our thoughts and well wishes continue to be with this courageous young boy and his family.

Wildlife experts treed the lion near the attack site, where the animal continued to display unusually aggressive behavior. In accordance with policy, CDFW staff reluctantly shot the animal. 

As of September 11, the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is open to the public. Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve will remain closed as crews from the CDFW and US Department of Agriculture collect equipment and break camp; and as Midpen staff wait for DNA confirmation, most likely by the end of today.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife Statement (9/10/14)

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CDFW information on how to stay safe when living or recreating in mountain lion territory.

Bay Area Puma Project

(9/11/14 - 11:00 a.m.)

Area Closure

Beginning Monday, June 23, access to the Bald Mountain area of Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve will be closed during summer and fall 2014 due to construction of a new parking area as part of the Mount Umunhum Summit Project.


Recent Accomplishments

The Fiscal Year 2013-14 Accomplishments Report presents the results of Midpen's overall endeavor during the past year to manage the regional open space preserves on behalf of the public. Over 130 accomplishments are listed by major category.



Room to Breathe: Video
This video, produced by Doug McConnell, provides an overview of our mission to acquire and preserve a regional greenbelt of open space land in perpetuity, protect and restore the natural environment, and provide opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education.

Room to Breathe: Book

Room to Breathe: The Wild Heart of the San Francisco Peninsula is a community celebration of over 100 color photographs and paintings coupled with prose and poetry. It serves as a keepsake for those who know this land well; and for those who don’t, it will be a splendid introduction.

Room to Breathe makes a great gift for yourself and for fellow outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The coffee table book is available for sale on line, at the District Administrative Office, and at several area bookstores.

For more information, including sample page previews, please visit the Room to Breathe website:

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