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Bring Your Baggies: Dog Waste Requirements Extended to All Preserves Open to Dogs (posted 6/9/2011)

Photo: James Callan
(altered with permission)

Due to public and environmental health concerns, the District will apply its "pack-it-in, pack-it-out" philosophy to dog waste at all Preserves open to dogs. Moving dog waste off trail will no longer be an option.

  • Please bag and remove dog waste from the Preserve by packing it out.
  • Do NOT leave bagged waste at the Preserve or outside Preserve restrooms; the plumbing cannot tolerate plastic.
  • Leaving bagged waste is considered littering, and failure to comply may result in a fine.



You and your canine companion are invited to experience many dog-friendly trails on District preserves:

by G. Levow
At Pulgas Ridge OSP ((Photo by Greg Levow)

* While in this area, visitors must have a leash in their possession and keep their dog under voice control so that they do not harass other park users, dogs, or wildlife.

Also, consider joining a docent-led, dog-suitable outdoor activity — a chance to socialize and exercise both your dog and yourself.

Before heading out to an open space preserve with your dog, please review the Dog Access Guidelines. A few pointers:

Heat Exhaustion

Be aware that dogs can overheat in the open space preserves, particularly on strenuous trails and warm, summer days. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include heavy panting, dry gums, weakness, confusion and inattention. The best approach is prevention:

  • Avoid hiking with your dog on hot days, especially in direct sun.
  • Bring plenty of water for yourself and your dog. No water is provided.
  • Retreat to a cool area, rest, and provide water if your dog shows symptoms.

All recreation must be consistent with the protection of the natural environment. Compliance with the rules ensures everyone using the trails has an enjoyable experience and shows respect for others and for the land. Keeping dogs on leash reduces conflicts with other users and wildlife, and protects the safety of your dog.

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