Great Activities for Bikers

Most of the District’s 220 miles of designated trails are unpaved “wildland” trails in steep, rugged terrain. Approximately 65% of these trails are “multiple use” trails and are open to bicyclists, which is the highest ratio of trails open to bikes among parks and open space in the Bay Area. Many of these trails are also single-track trails, providing bicyclists with a more technical experience.

Mountain Biking

Sixteen open space preserves are open to mountain biking. When planning a mountain biking trip, you may want to visit these preserves in particular.

El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve
Features 34 miles of multi-use trails, including some steep, technical single-track trails; rugged, heavily forested terrain; redwoods; occasional views to the coast.

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
Nearby urban areas affording a quick trip after work; features 11 miles of multi-use trails; woodland, chaparral, rolling hayfields, and former orchard; 900-foot Hunters Point; Maisie’s Peak.

Long Ridge, Monte Bello, Russian Ridge, Saratoga Gap, and Skyline Ridge
These South Skyline Area preserves are interconnected affording bicyclists with miles of multi-use trails to explore; grasslands; oak, madrone, and Douglas-fir forests; views of Big Basin Redwoods, Butano Ridge, and the Monterey Peninsula.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve
Features approximately twenty-six miles of multi-use trails; rugged, steep terrain; chaparral-covered slopes; dense stands of bay trees; outstanding views of Santa Clara Valley; 2,999-foot Mt. El Sombroso.

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