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Enjoy the many free Outdoor Activities on Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District preserves. All activities are led by trained volunteer docents and are free of charge. Some activities require reservations. Please refer to the Reservation Information page for full details.

For all activities, heavy rain at the activity location will cancel that activity. In the event of light rain or the threat of rain, the docent will make the decision at the designated meeting time and location.

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10/22/2014 Scenic Aerobic Hike 10:00  am St. Josephs Hill Moderate Hike
10/24/2014 Morning at Rancho 9:00  am Rancho San Antonio Easy Hike
10/25/2014 Reservation Required Your Mind and Body on Nature 10:00  am Monte Bello Moderate Hike
10/29/2014 Reservation Required Explorer Hike: Two Roads Diverged 10:30  am La Honda Creek Moderate Hike



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11/02/2014 Earthquake Walk 2:00  pm Los Trancos Easy Hike
11/05/2014 Explorer Hike: Mindego Gateway 10:30  am Russian Ridge Easy Hike
11/07/2014 Hike for Health 9:00  am Rancho San Antonio Moderate Hike
11/08/2014 Reservation Required Introductory Geocaching Family Hike 10:00  am Skyline Ridge Moderate Hike
11/08/2014 Reservation Required ’Escence’ of Light 3:30  pm Skyline Ridge Moderate Hike
11/11/2014 Circumnavigate Rancho San Antonio 9:00  am Rancho San Antonio Strenuous Hike
11/13/2014 Sunrise Hike 7:00  am Pulgas Ridge Moderate Hike
11/15/2014 Fall/Winter Along the Ridge 9:30  am Purisima Creek Redwoods Moderate Hike
11/15/2014 Reservation Required A Wooded Habitat Dog Hike 10:00  am Pulgas Ridge Easy Hike
11/16/2014 Across the Brown Mountain 10:00  am El Corte de Madera Creek Moderate Hike
11/16/2014 Signs of Approaching Winter 12:30  pm Pulgas Ridge Moderate Hike
11/16/2014 Changing of the Seasons 10:00  am Picchetti Ranch Moderate Hike
11/19/2014 Explorer Hike: Unlimited Ducks! 10:30  am Stevens Creek Shoreline Easy Hike
11/22/2014 Pre-Thanksgiving Workout 9:00  am Monte Bello Strenuous Hike
11/23/2014 Those Crazy Forty Niners 10:00  am Skyline Ridge Moderate Hike

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Special note:

If you have a group of 4 or more people who would like to attend a docent-led activity listed in Outdoor Activities, please contact the Docent Programs Coordinator at (650) 691-1200 to discuss in advance. Other arrangements may need to be considered for your group.

Additional Information

Reservations are required for certain activities. Reservations for a given activity are only accepted within the two-week time period prior to the activity date. The maximum number of people allowed for a group reservation is four (4) people. The online reservation forms activate in the individual listings two weeks prior to the date of the activity.

--Emails and voicemails regarding activities are not monitored after hours or over the weekends, but will be processed the next business day.

--If your plans have changed after you have made a reservation and you are no longer able to attend, please let us know so that we can release your reservation to someone else.

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